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"All Work is Now Home Work"

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Mornings used to begin early at the wardrobe. They used to be showered in chilly golden light as I made my way towards school. Friends would greet me during breaks, and the classroom was a place of focus. I used to wonder where all my time went as I studied away in a bustling café. And while homework was a chore, it sure did pad my grade.

Days begin in the afternoon—or whenever class does. Sometimes it can take a while to just get out of bed. I'm convinced that sunlight is the blinding beam that UFOs use to kidnap cows in movies. And I didn't even realize my friend had dyed his hair until after the natural color returned. I've got way too much "me" time, but luckily—to keep me busy—all work is now home work.

This is a personal, subtle creative reflection on the tumultuous year defined by masks, screens and empty airplanes. I was inspired to write this piece after viewing the New York Times project collecting voices from teenagers on the historical COVID-19 pandemic.

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