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"Morning Whispers"

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

morning whispers

and i arise

i rouse from slumber

sore, i sigh

morning draws close

gnawing my ears

i skip the sink

and head for the stairs

the sun greets me,

the breeze is shy—

morning whispers

and i reply

As with many of my poems, the rhythm is a core identity of the piece. There is also a rhyme scheme here that further enhances the rhythm. I used a lot of personification to present the morning, the sun, and the breeze. My inspiration was to write a poem about tranquility, and I decided that these three characters represented that perfectly. Tranquility is also in the diction—notice how I use words that are soft and quiet, giving the poem as a whole a peaceful tone. Words like "whisper," "rouse," "draws," and "gnawing" all contribute to this theme. Finally, I also experimented with the typesetting in this poem. The first couple lines are systematic, with longer sentences followed by short supplementary ones. Then, to build towards a climax, the poem physically reaches out with "the sun greets me," and then drops back down to resolve the story. "and i reply" is the outlier, of course, which acts like a cliffhanger that is outside of the main story, perhaps teasing the imagination to freely decide what happens next.

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