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"The Boy From Notmos" (A Screenplay on Justice)

BLOG_The Boy from Notmos by Devon (Justice Screenplay)
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Author’s Note/Explanation Section:

Prejudice lives in even the most futuristic of cities; there might never be a day when prejudice is completely eradicated, but we can try to minimize it for the closest attempt at true justice. The Boy is treated differently in a wealthier society, as he is part of the poor. The Stray is an emblem of The Boy’s despair, loneliness, sorrow, and fear. When he entered the intensive care unit to see his comatose mother, (spoiler, if you didn’t catch that,) he left behind The Stray; he was leaving all those negative emotions behind to see his mother. To The Boy, his mother is his hope. That is why, when he comes back out, The Stray will always be waiting for his return. Overall, to reach a partial justice, people shouldn’t rely on stereotypes and categories, because this screenplay, “The Boy from Notmos” is about a boy who uses a mask of sarcasm and jokes to cover up his genuine loneliness, and the longing for his ill mother. He is not some gutter rat, living in the outskirts of his own city like everyone thinks he is. He’s just a child who wants to see his mother again.

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Nov 20, 2021

An incredible read, love the concept. Although it just seems to be a sort of short story I would love to see it expanded on. I very much enjoyed the screenplay and would love to see more like this. The only confusing thing was that although the flashback seems to have been from 7 years past, “The Boy” only seems to age 3 years, other than that, amazing job.

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