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One Summer's Night (Story in a Sentence)

The terse rubbled roof,

which so often stayed silent,

began one night

to whisper, to hum

a rhythm, a cadence

such like that of sand shakers under simple songs,

and it continued until it stumbled into a hiss—

one pitched off and missed

the destination of pleasant and

struck the tempered toll of tenor—

but rain should be too soon as it was still summer,

when trees ought to breathe and shine ought to seethe,

yet feckless was the weather and there it remained—

one summer’s night

it began to rain.

As co-leader of the Writer's Workshop club at my school, I came up with a prompt for my peers: "Write a story in a single sentence"—and this was the result.

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Nov 20, 2021

Truly an inspirational piece that encourages the reader to appreciate the smaller details in life, be it an unexpected summer rain or some other occurrence.

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