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"Over Stones"

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

goldlight waters

trickle downstream

it sings as it tumbles

over stones, between my toes

clear as a window

to the pebbles

beneath and below

on and on it goes

over stones, between my toes

sunlit-wrapped in silk

and disappears

beyond the hill

This is a poem that spawned from my Writer's Workshop club. Our prompt was to write about "A stream that disappears from view." Although it only took me a lunch break to write, I wanted to put as much thought into it as I could. The first line I wrote was "goldlight waters," which is just a term that I came up with that sounded right. In my mind I pictured a tranquil forest with the golden sun warmly setting the scene. The line "sunlit-wrapped in silk" also contributes to this warm sunlight, but the main focus in this poem is definitely the rhythm. With my recent endeavors in amateur self-made music production, I have developed a deeper interest in rhythm with wordplay. The line, "over stones, between my toes," is the chorus of the piece--with its repetition and its melodic pause with the comma. "Stones" and "toes" is an assonance, along with "window," "pebble," "below," and "goes." This repetition of the "oh" sound makes for a cohesive lyric-like poem, and the rhythm sets the tone. Overall, very glad I was able to write this for my club, and I will write more as the prompts come.

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